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New England Sports Committee
PO Box 956
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Phone: 860-886-3449
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NESC races are overseen by its competition committee. If you need to communicate with the NESC Competition Committee feel free to do so at the tracks or by e-mail explaining your problems. Number assignments are available by mail or at the events only. No number assignments via telephone or email. Number applications cannot be faxed/emailed since we need original notarized forms for processing.
Replacement of lost items Note: Rider number cards are available at the events, at the NESC trailer. Rule books (available from Paul Buckley at the races)
This rule-book published by Paul Buckley e-mail
President Dave Clemence
Vice President Kevin Bishop and Chris Knuth
Treasurer John DelGrosso
Secretary Shaunna Knuth
Senior Rider Reps Alternate Rider Reps
  Jason Allan Cory Beety
  Austin Brooks Bradley Austin
  Tim Brown Brittani Majcher
  Jason Hargreaves Andrew Rossi
  Jack Courtney
  John Majcher
  Mark Sullivan
Competition Committee
Annette Rose
Debbie Generuux
Lisa Roy
Ruth Pepoon
Applications for board positions can be submitted to NESC at the above address at any time. Nominations and voting normally take place in February.

General rules of competition
The rules of competition are intended only as a guide for the conduct of the sport. The rules are directed or related to safety. Each participant in competition has the responsibility to assess the safety aspects of facilities and conditions and must assume the risk of competition. The rules and regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. All participants are deemed to be in compliance with these rules. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.
G-1 All riders, mechanics, pit crews, and promoters are deemed to be fully aware of all of the rules and regulations of the New England Sports Committee (NESC) and will be required to abide by them. Enforcement can be done by any NESC official and Track referees.
G-2 All locations are private property and are closed, except on race dates. Use of the properties other than on race day is limited to the promoting organizations and their members. Trespassers, with or without motorcycles will be suspended from NESC competition and prosecuted for trespassing.
G-3 Insurance companies may require that all persons sign a release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement form upon entering onto the premises of the events. Each and every adult participant must sign a release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement form. Remember that motor vehicles, whether used in organized activity or on a casual basis can be dangerous.
G-4 General admission for rider, mechanics, spectators, concessionaires shall be at the discretion of the promoting organizations not the NESC. If a race is cancelled on race day prior to practice, gate fees will be refunded and entry fees will be refunded or forwarded to the next race at that track.
G-5 All events are run rain or shine, except where conditions warrant otherwise.
G-6 No fireworks, glass containers, or open fires at any events. No running of generators after 11:00 PM. Note: 10PM at Central Village, CT.
G-7 No tricycles, unicycles, or pit bikes, should be brought to any NESC events. For safety of all, please leave these items at home. Bicycle riding may be allowed on race day, riders must check with individual tracks to see where this is permitted.
G-8 All pets are the responsibility of their keepers or owners. All pets must be tied or restrained at all times, on reasonable length leashes so as not to harass or endanger the general public, mechanics, or riders. Any pets not properly controlled or creating problems shall be restricted from further NESC events. Note, that at no time including the day before an event, are pets allowed out on the track or track areas, with or without leashes. Proper vaccination papers are required if you bring a dog to any state other than the one in which you live.
G-9 Profanity, unsportsmanlike or disrespectful actions on or off the track by riders or mechanics towards other riders, mechanics, spectators, event officials and/or NESC officials shall be subject to suspension by the NESC. Physically attacking an NESC official or track official by a rider or a member of his family or crew will result in an indefinite suspension.
G-10 Riders are responsible for all actions of their motorcycles, mechanics, and pit crews at all times.
G-11 Riders, mechanics, pit crews, and race officials may not during the day's events drink alcoholic beverages, use drugs, or stimulants of any type. Penalty for this violation will be disqualification from all further participation for a period of one year
G-12 Riders and mechanics must enter and exit the track areas and pits in the designated entrance and exit lanes. Failure to do so will result in a backwards start at his or her next moto
G-13 Authorized personnel only are allowed in the track area. Violators will be subject to disqualification for the day.
G-14 Smoking is not allowed in the staging areas, pit entrance and exits, on the starting line, and in the mechanics area.
G-15 Riding in the pits is allowed only by registered riders or their registered mechanics to and from their motos and only in designated areas. The following rules must be obeyed. All competition motorcycles must be in first gear and ridden only at walking speed from your pit area to the track and back for participation in your moto or practice. Only one rider per competition bike is allowed. Riders or mechanics must have their helmets securely attached. The penalty for violation of this rule shall be loss of pit riding privileges. The second offense will be a loss of points, scoring and contingency, 3rd violation immediate suspension by the NESC. Note that it is the responsibility of the promoters to restrict traffic through the general spectator areas as well as the pits
G-15a Handicapped spectators must obtain a special pass from each track in order to ride in designated areas with their pit vehicles.
G-16 Riding in the starting-line area is prohibited. Penalty is a backwards start.
G-17 In the event of starting-gate malfunctions, the Promoting Referee shall assign a flagman to 'flag-start' all events, except Championship classes. When it is necessary to assign a flagman for the Championship classes it shall be done by the assigned NESC official.
G-18 The NESC Competition Committee and/or designated officials are empowered to make and enforce regulations necessary to cover special, unusual conditions, and/or emergencies. Rule updates published in the NESC newsletter or web site may override the rules in the NESC rule-book.
G-19 Any rider leaving the course must re-enter at the same point or at the first point where he/she can safely re-enter, without interfering with other riders and without gaining an advantage. Penalty is loss of one (1) lap.
G-20 Starting Procedures and Regulations: The track Referee shall decide on the number of motorcycles to start in each race.
  A. In all starts the Referee shall have the power to decide what a fair start is and shall instruct the starter to signal for a restart when/as necessary.
  B. Riders may not start more than two (2) feet behind the starting gate. Penalty is loss of one (1) lap.
  C. When a penalty line start is used, the rider may be no more than two (2) feet behind the penalty
  start line) but not in front of the penalty line (start line). Penalty is loss of one (1) lap.
  D. Before a race starts a signal will be given - then a five second 'in gear signal'. Following this
  five-second 'in gear signal', the gate will be dropped anytime within the next 10 seconds
  E. The referee may stop the countdown to make changes and or adjustments.
  F. Riders must be ready when their class is called
  G. Mechanics must leave the starting gate when the starting signal is displayed.
  H. No one will be allowed in front of the starting line unless directed by an official. Penalty is a backwards start.
G-21 If a non-safety violation is issued the first offense will be a warning, the second offense will be a backwards start or loss of one lap, on the third offense the rider will be disqualified for that day.
G-22 If a safety violation is issued a rider will not be allowed to race unless the safety violation is corrected.
G-23 Officials reserve the right to prevent anyone from competing in any event if the rider, motorcycle, or equipment does not comply with the general rules.
Event-entry procedures Note: No more pre-entries - all entries are at tracks on race day
E-1 Only riders holding valid NESC competition cards are eligible to participate in NESC events to earn championship points. NESC competition cards are valid from Jan.1st to Dec. 31st and are not refundable or transferable. All riders must use a Mylaps transponder to participate in NESC championship classes.
E-2 One day rider passes are available for $10 per day for riders with Mylaps transponders. The fee for riders without transponders will be $20 plus a $10 fee for purchase of the transponder holder. A $200, refundable, transponder security deposit fee (CASH ONLY) will be required for each transponder. If you use this option the fee will not be added on at a later date and not used towards a full NESC competition card. You will earn prizes for the day as they apply. No Tom Timonen benefits. No championship points. Yes promotional points. Yes contingencies if they apply.
E-3 The NESC does not run the events; they are run by the individual promoters. All checks must be made payable to the individual tracks.
E-4 The NESC competition card does not imply that its bearer has been trained, tested, or certified to have achieved any level of competence in the operation of his or her motorcycle. Participants are solely responsible for their safety at sanctioned meets and should assess their own ability to negotiate each individual track or course.
E-5 No one except riders officially entered in any event may ride or practice on any racecourse the day of an event. Anyone participating without properly registering may be prosecuted as a trespasser.
E-6 Practice: There is only one practice per rider. Any rider found practicing in any other rider classification other than the one for which that rider is classified for will be blacked flag off the track. Penalty will be backwards start 1st moto.
E-7 Any rider competing during their disqualification or suspension periods shall be suspended for one additional year.
E-8 Each rider is responsible to notify the NESC in writing should any information on the rider's card be incorrect, if they have moved up in classification (anywhere) or should there be an address change within the racing year.
E-9 Riders or mechanics not paying proper admission fees or helping spectators, other riders or mechanics to avoid paying proper admission fees may be disqualified and or suspended from NESC competition for up to 31 days 1st offense, 2nd offense 1 year.
Event entry forms
E-10 EVENT ENTRIES: NESC promoters will no longer accept mailed in pre-entries. All entries for NESC members will now be made at the individual tracks on race-day during normal sign-up times. Entries at all events, for all classes, may be limited. Limited means that class or classes are 'full' and no more entries may be accepted. If your class or classes are full, you will be unable to ride in that class that day. Gate refunds will not be made to unaccepted riders.
E-11 Members will use track kiosks to enter their classes using their six digit member ID found on their NESC card. Members are responsible to check that all information on the form is correct when signing them. One-day riders will be required to use paper entry forms at NESC events. Note: Some tracks may accept kiosk entries form one-day riders, if they are properly equipped.
E-12 EVENT ENTRY FEES: Entry fees are $35.00 each for the first two classes and $15 for each additional class. Fees paid to tracks will be cash or check. Some tracks allow credit card payments; check their websites for payment options. Make checks payable to the track which you are racing; not to NESC. Put your NESC Riding Number in the lower left-hand corner of all of your checks. All checks must be signed. Third party checks will not be accepted. Fees for special events/classes - as advertised.
E-13 Entry fees are not refundable or transferable. There is only one exception to this rule. If participants who doubt the competence of officials
  or have concerns about the safety of the course or their own ability to negotiate the course should not participate and must request a refund of their entry fees before practice begins.
E-14 Misrepresentation of age, name, rider classification, medical coverage and any other information to the NESC, the individual promoters and or the event officials may result in a one year suspension for all involved and subject to further penalties by the NESC and promoting clubs.
E-15 Entry acceptance into a class does not make you legal for the class. It is the responsibility of the rider to enter the class in which he is legal to ride. The responsibility of meeting specifications is the riders. An entry will consist of a motorcycle and a rider.
E-16 Any checks that are returned, or credit card payments refused, either to the NESC or to the individual promoters unpaid, including 'Stop-Payment checks', shall result in immediate suspension until proper payment, which includes a bank penalty (This varies by track) plus $25 per check has been properly paid. Riders will be suspended immediately until checks are cleared.
E-17 The promoters and/or the New England Sports Committee (NESC) do not provide medical coverage insurance, and medical coverage insurance is not available at the events. Each participant must provide their own coverage and they must show written proof of such coverage at each event when they check in. Your NESC competition card is not and will not be accepted as proof of medical coverage.
E-18 Hospitalization insurance: All participants at NESC events are responsible for all medical bills, doctor bills, ambulance fees and hospital bills that have been incurred as the result of participation at any NESC event. If you have no medical coverage, you are not eligible to participate. Participants may be refused entry for improper medical arrangements at any past or present NESC events.
E-19 Upon signing in, a rider must:
  1. Show NESC rider's competition card or proof of one-day membership.
  2. Show written proof of current medical coverage. Note that your NESC competition card is not proof of medical coverage.
  3. Where applicable show written proof of permission to participate in event (must be notarized).
  4. Show proof of paid admission fees.
  5. All parents or legal guardians must sign-in at each event with the riders 17 and under.
E-20 For all riders under 18 (eighteen), both rider and parent (or legal guardian with notarized written proof of guardianship) must check-in at each event. The parent or legal guardian must remain at the event the entire time the rider is participating. No parent or legal guardian, no check-in, no ride. A 'minor' release form must be completed, signed and notarized by their parent or legal guardian for every minor participating in the day's activities. The parent or legal guardian must print and sign where designated on the release.
E-21 PARENT/GUARDIAN CONSENT FORMS: Consent forms, available on line and at all NESC events, allow parents/guardians to send minors to race with someone else acting as guardian for the day. All forms must be notarized by the guardian and turned in to the promoter for each event. Note that such permits are valid for each event one by one and not for the season. A new notarized consent form is required for each event.
  Special notice: CT. State Law: You must be a minimum of 13 year old to ride in CT.
E-22 All entry forms must be signed in ink by the rider, unless they are under legal age in which case the forms must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
E-23 A promoter may refuse the entry of any rider or mechanic who has been disqualified and or suspended by the NESC or not made proper arrangements for the payment of hospital bills, ambulance, doctors expenses and or any related bills that were incurred at any prior events promoted by that group or any prior NESC sanctioned events.
E-24 Riders should be sure that they choose the correct bike brand for each class entered. Contingencies are paid based upon the brand showing on the posted results pages. Riders must notify NESC if they are incorrect.
Mechanics passes are issued by the race promoter at each race event.
M-1 At each event all mechanics must:
  1. Sign in during the normal check in periods and pay a $5.00 daily fee.
  2. Show written proof of proper medical coverage.
  3. Be a minimum of 18 years old.
  4. Show proof of paid admission fees.
M-2 At no place on the track, other than the mechanics area shall mechanics make any alterations, repairs or adjustments to any motorcycle. The penalty shall be disqualification for the rider from that moto.
M-3 Each rider is allowed only one mechanic. Penalty is disqualification for the day for both the mechanic and the rider; 2nd offense, 15-day suspension for the rider.
M-4 Mechanics leaving the designated mechanics area during their rider's moto will subject their rider to disqualification from that moto and to further suspension where applicable.
M-5 Mechanics must use caution as not to interfere with other racers/mechanics while signaling their riders.
Equipment Standards
ES-1 The Referee, the designated NESC official and or the Competition Committee shall have the power to disqualify any motorcycle rider or mechanic who does not conform to the rules and may inspect any part of a motorcycle and/or riding equipment in competition at any NESC event. Random tear downs are possible at any time.
ES-2 The Referee (as authorized) may be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.
ES-3 All NESC classes are considered 'Modified' unless otherwise stated.
ES-4 The Referee, NESC designated official or the Competition Committee, are empowered to have motors measured in any event under NESC sanction. Any rider refusing to allow their motor to be measured or to prepare their motor for measurement automatically disqualifies themselves and all their promotional and or championship points shall be suspended to the end of the racing year.
ES-5 All center stands, side stands, headlights, taillights, direction lights, broken fenders, and any such protruding unsafe objects must be removed.
ES-6 Standard items may be replaced by accessories, so long as the accessory items are mounted and used in a safe and approved manner. This is to include such items as wheels, fenders handlebars, seats, gas tanks, brakes, etc.
ES-7 All motorcycles must be equipped with adequate and operating front and rear wheel brakes.
ES-8 Excessive leakage from gas tanks, fuel systems, or fittings, as well as temporary makeshift repairs is prohibited. Alterations to mounting brackets are permitted.
ES-9 All motorcycles are required to have 45-degree angle folding foot pegs.
ES-10 At the start of each practice, qualifier and moto all motorcycles must be equipped with approved mufflers and or silencers in proper operating condition subject to the approval of the referee, designated NESC official and or the NESC Competition Committee.
ES-11 Handlebars may not be broken, cracked or repaired. Handlebar mounts may be properly altered. Control levers must have ball ends (Min. 1/2 inch). Handlebar ends must be covered.
ES-12 All motorcycles must have an' 'engine stop button' in operating condition, mounted on the left-hand handlebar.
ES-13 All riders participating in NESC events must have a functioning Mylaps transponder properly affixed to their motorcycle. 50cc and 65cc riders will be required to use transponders.
Number Plates
NP-1 All motorcycles must have number plates, upright, clearly visible and legible when in a riding position and securely mounted, a front plate and one on each side. Your NESC assigned numbers (on your NESC card) in plain block numbers, with the appropriate color combinations must be used. Fluorescent numbers and or backgrounds are not allowed. Fancy designs, outlines and or shading of numbers are not allowed. All illegible or missing numbers can result in first offense warning, second offense the rider will not be allowed to start that moto. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure scorers can easily read his official number. If you do not properly display your NESC assigned number on your bike you may not be scored.
NP-2 All three digit numbers on motorcycles min. four inches tall. 50cc and 65cc class only, three inch tall numbers. Numbers may not touch or overlap on number plates. Single or two digit numbers may be six or eight inches tall.
NP-3 If you display your NESC number on your chest protector or jersey it must match the NESC number on your bike.
NP-4 A small 'y' or 'v' will be put on the number plate on the right side of the number. If the jersey or chest protector has a number on it; it must be your assigned NESC number with the ' y' or 'v' on the right side of the number. (All riders 18 and under must have a 'y'.)
Number Plate Colors:
50cc+ 60cc riders: Black background White numbers.
85cc 9-11, black backgrounds with white numbers.
85cc 12-15, white backgrounds with black numbers.
Novice and Youth 'C' riders: Black background White numbers.
Amateurs, Youth 'A&B' riders: Yellow background Black numbers.
Vet 'B' and Vet 'Adv' riders: Yellow background Black numbers.
Pro/Expert and Vet 'A' riders: White Background Black numbers.
Competition Apparel
CA-1 The NESC and the track promoters do not endorse or guarantee specific manufacturers of products, and thus the rider must rely on his own judgment in the selection and usage of any helmet and apparel for durability and safety.
CA-2 Participants are solely responsible for the condition of their riding equipment and motor vehicles. Participants are solely responsible for their safety.
CA-3 All riding apparel must be properly worn and attached. Riders with any riding apparel deemed improper and or endangering to the rider's safety, shall be black-flagged. After making corrections the rider may be allowed to proceed.
CA-4 Riders with improperly strapped helmets shall be immediately disqualified. First offense: 31 days suspension, second offense: 6 months suspension.
CA-5 All helmets must: Be full coverage or full facial units, meet or exceed D.O.T. Federal standards No. 218 or current Snell foundation standards. Be constructed of fiberglass, carbon fiber or fiberglass/Kevlar. Helmets with cracks, broken straps, non-operable snaps, and other such defects are prohibited.
CA-6 All riders must wear appropriate goggles /face shield at the start of each practice session, qualifiers, heats, and final motos.
CA-7 JERSEYS: Jerseys must be made of a material that will help protect a rider against cuts and bruises and be of a durable material. Wrist length sleeves (short or 3/4 sleeves are not permitted.) Sleeves may not be rolled up. If you display your NESC number on your chest protector or jersey it must match the NESC number on your bike and your numbers must be 8 inches tall and in contrasting colors. When rain gear is worn, your riding number if worn must still meet NESC standards.
CA-8 PANTS: Padded leather or padded nylon racing pants are required.
CA-9 Conventional motocross boots are required.
Motorcycle Classifications
MC-1 All motorcycles must be ridden in their proper displacement classes.
MC-2 Illegal engine displacement within any class shall result in forfeiture of all promotional and/or championship points, loss of contingency prizes, trophies, and rider suspension of up to one year from the date of the infraction.
MC-3 All motorcycles in the 250 (except Youth classes), 450, and open classes must have the minimum wheel sizes of: front-20 inches, rear-18 inches.
  85cc maximum 17 inches, minimum 11 inches
  65cc maximum 14 inches, minimum 10 inches
  50cc maximum 12 inches, minimum 10 inches
MC-4 Engine sizes are as per manufacturer's standard specifications.
  50cc class-60cc 'sleeve-ups' or 'sleeve-downs' are not permitted.
  65cc class - Sleeved-down 85cc's are not allowed.
  85cc class - All 2 stroke motorcycles must be a minimum of 70cc and a maximum of 85cc. Sleeved-down 100's and or 125cc's are not permitted. All 4 strokes must be a minimum of 75 to 150cc. Maximum wheelbase 51'. Maximum wheel size not to exceed 17' with a minimum of not less than 11'.
  Supermini - 80-112cc 2 stroke 75-150cc for 4 strokes. Maximum wheelbase 52'.
  250 classes- all 2 cycle motorcycles must be 122cc - 250cc, all 4 strokes 250cc will be allowed. (Note minimum wheel size 20' front and 18' rear, except for the Youth class.)
  450 class ' all 2-strokes 154cc - 500cc, all 4-strokes 251cc - 550cc.
  OPEN-CLASS - All 2 stroke motorcycles must be a minimum of 125cc's. All 4 stroke motorcycles must be a minimum of 200cc's.
  Youth class - All 2 stroke motorcycles must be 85cc - 167cc, all 4 stroke motorcycles must be 150cc - 250cc. Minimum wheel sizes 19' front, 16' rear.
MC 5 Random tear downs are possible at any time.
MC-6 Riding a borrowed motorcycle is permissible. It is the rider's responsibility to notify the Competition Committee in writing when borrowing a motorcycle, prior to his moto. Riders must use their assigned transponder on the borrowed motorcycle. Numbers on the bike, jersey, and back do not need to match their assigned NESC number. No contingency will be awarded for switched bikes. You may notify the NESC referee at the line in emergency situations. Failure to notify NESC of a change or changing your transponder will result from rider disqualification from that moto.
MC-7 All 150cc motorcycles must meet the class wheel size requirements.
MC-8 VET CLASSES- (30+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+ and 60+) Any size motorcycle 86cc-Open (2 or 4 stroke) may be used.
2018 NESC Classes
Class   Year Champ Promo
    Of Birth Points Points
1. 50cc 4 - 9yrs old- d.o.b. thru 2009-2014 Yes No  
2. 65cc 7 - 12yrs old- d.o.b. thru 2006-2011 Yes No  
3. 85cc 9-11 yrs 9 - 11yrs old- d.o.b. thru 2007-2009 Yes No  
4. 85cc 12-15 yrs 12 - 15yrs old- d.o.b. thru 2003-2006 Yes No  
5. Supermini 9 - 16yrs old- d.o.b. thru 2002-2009 Yes No  
6. Youth C 12 - 18yrs old - d.o.b. thru 2000-2006 Yes No  
7. Youth B 12 - 18yrs old - d.o.b. thru 2000-2006 Yes No  
8. Youth A 12 - 18yrs old - d.o.b. thru 2000-2006 Yes No  
9. 250 C 13yrs old min- d.o.b. 2005 Yes Yes  
10. 450 C 15yrs old min- d.o.b. 2003 Yes Yes  
11. Open Novice(C) 13 yrs old min- d.o.b. 2005 Yes Yes  
12. Open Amateur(B) 15yrs old min- d.o.b. 2003 Yes Yes  
13. Open Expert(A) 16yrs old min- d.o.b. 2002 Yes Yes  
14. 450 A 16 yrs old min- d.o.b. 2002 Yes Yes  
15. 450 Pro 16 yrs old min- d.o.b. 2002 Yes Yes  
16. 250 A 16 yrs old min- d.o.b. 2002 Yes Yes  
17. 250 Pro 16 yrs old min- d.o.b. 2002 Yes No  
18. 250 B 13 yrs old min- d.o.b. 2005 Yes Yes  
19. 450 B 15 yrs old min- d.o.b. 2003 Yes Yes  
20. Female 11 yrs old min- d.o.b 2007 Yes Yes  
21. 25+ C 25 yrs old min- d.o.b. 1993 Yes Yes  
22. 25+ B 25 yrs old min- d.o.b. 1993 Yes Yes  
23. 25+ A 25 yrs old min- d.o.b. 1993 Yes Yes  
24. 30+ C 30 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1988 Yes Yes  
25. 30+ B 30 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1988 Yes Yes  
26. 30+ A 30 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1988 Yes Yes  
27. 40+ A 40 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1978 Yes Yes  
28. 40+ B 40 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1978 Yes Yes  
29. 40+ C 40 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1978 Yes Yes  
30. 45+ Open 45 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1973 Yes Yes  
31. 50+ Open 50 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1968 Yes Yes  
32. 55+ Open 55 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1963 Yes Yes  
33. 60+ Open 60 yrs old min- d.o.b. or earlier 1958 Yes Yes  
NOTE: NESC age for all riders is the age you will be on your birthday in the current racing year. (If you turn 19 any time in 2018, you are no longer eligible for the youth class). 85cc and supermini classes if you turn 12 in 2018, you are considered 12 years old and you must ride in the 12-15yr old class. If you turn 16 you cannot ride in the 12-15 yr old class, but can enter the Supermini class.
Under normal circumstances the following classes will be combined, but are scored separately for promotional and/or championship points as they apply: (1&2) (3,&4) (6&7) (14&15) (16&17) (22&23) (25&26) (27&28) (10&29) (20 &32) ( 24 & 31) (30 & 33). Youth A runs with 16 and 17, but is scored separately.
When classes are combined, they are still separated for promotional and championship scoring.
2018 NESC Championship Classes
All classes are championship classes. 50cc class will not run at The Wick-338 in 2018. 50cc and 65cc classes do not run at Central Village. The 85cc and Supermini classes, raced at Central Village are not counted as championship races for each series; promotional points, trophies, and contingencies are awarded. Unless otherwise noted, all classes run two series throughout the year. A spring series and a fall series
GM-1 If a race is stopped and less than 50% has been run, the referee may
  A. Run the remaining portion
  B. Rerun the race.
  If a race is stopped and more than 50% has been run, the referee may
  A. Call the race completed.
  B. Run the remaining portion.
GM-2 The finish order of riders in the qualifying motos shall determine the start positions for the moto/final as follows:
  A. The current top-10 including ties. (If championship event).
  B. The winner of each qualifier shall have choice of position. 2nd place finisher is next, 3rd next, and so on.
  C. For all subsequent motos, the starting positions will be assigned by the previous finish.
GM-3 Starting positions for qualifiers shall be determined by a random computer pick. Current top 10 in a championship classes do not have to qualify.
Rider Classifications
RC-1 If you ride at non-NESC events and at these non-NESC events ride in classes that have contingencies and these are 'A' contingencies, then you must ride in the 'NESC' at the 'A' level. Likewise if you ride at non-NESC events eligible for 'B' contingencies, you must ride at 'B' or higher classes in the 'NESC'. NESC considers 'A' an expert, 'B' is an amateur, and 'C' is a novice.
RC-2 The class that you ride in is first determined by the size of the motorcycle you will be riding and then by your rider classification. Riders from other associations or districts must ride the classification that is assigned by the NESC Competition Committee.
RC-3 NESC competition card or individual event acceptance into a rider class or classification does not necessarily make you legal for that class or classification. It is the responsibility of the rider to enter the class or classification in which he is legal to ride in. The responsibility is that of the riders and event entry consists of motorcycle and a rider.
RC-4 If your rider classification changes within organizations or events other than the NESC during the season, it is the rider's responsibility to report this change in writing to the NESC as soon as it occurs. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of all championship points, loss and or forfeiture of all contingency prizes, return of all prizes won and suspension from NESC competition. The length of the suspension will be at the discretion of the NESC Competition Committee.
RC-5 Rider's classifications are assigned by the NESC Competition Committee only. The information that you supply the NESC, your NESC riding record, classifications at non-NESC events, promotional points earned determine your rider classification. Riders may not 'decide' what class or classifications they 'feel' like riding. If you decide to self-promote, you must notify NESC before you race in the higher class and you may not go back in class at a later date. Special NESC events are excluded
RC-6 You must ride in the highest rider classification that you have held or hold in any organization or events past or present. If you have not raced in a number of years and are unsure of your classification, if the group or organization in which you've been riding has different classifications from those listed, or if you have other questions about classifications, then you need to communicate with the NESC Competition Committee in writing only; no telephone calls please, explaining your problems or questions. Pro/Expert Expert, Pro-Am., and such are Expert 'A' in the NESC. Riders who have earned a national number or qualified for a national or supercross, earned a top five position in an NESC Pro/Expert championship series or earned a total of 220 promotional points are Pro riders. An expert rider must be of 16 years of age with an accumulation of 120 promotional points.
S-1 When the race winner receives the checkered flag, the race will be considered completed on this lap. No rider will be allowed to make up lost laps after the checkered flag; however, the riders will be allowed 3 minutes to complete their final lap. Rider, bike and transponder must pass over the finish line together. The three-minute time period is to begin when the checkered flag is first given to the lead rider. Under any circumstances the winner is the leader at the time the checkered flag is given. Final results will be confirmed through scoring.
S-2 Any rider not completing 75% of the race and not crossing the checkered flag during the allowed time will receive a DNF for the moto.
S-3 Gate positions for the 2nd Moto are based upon the 1st Moto results.
S-4 All promotional points, trophies and contingency awards will be awarded from the overall results when running the C Moto Format. The two moto finish placements are tallied for each rider; the rider with the lowest combined score is the overall winner. Ties are broken by the better finish in the second moto.
Special Scoring
SS-1 Start positions for 1st Moto/heat shall be determined as follows: The current points standing in the championship points standing, then by late entries who are not in the current standings and with one-day riders by order of sign-up into the computer.
SS-2 If there are too many riders in a class then qualifying heats may be run.
SS-3 When it is necessary to run qualifiers for championship motos, the current top-ten in the point standings, in each class, will be exempt from such qualifiers. Note: Only for 'C' championship motos. Gate for moto 1 will be current top 10 followed by heat final winners who get 1st and 2nd pick, seconds get 3rd and 4th pick, and so forth.
SS-4 Regardless of full class or short class, championship points are not reduced. Example of this is: If there are only three riders in a class 5 trophies obviously couldn't be awarded, but the full 1st place, 2nd place and so on championship points would be awarded (assuming that the completed finals/moto requirements are met)
SS-5 Scoring When Classes are combined:
  1. When classes and or age divisions are combined, each class is scored separately. The number of promotional points, awards, and possible contingencies will be based upon the entries in each of the classes. All riders will receive promotional points, championship points and trophies for their position within their class.
  2. When different rider classifications are combined, a separate start may be given, with the higher ranked and/or larger motor sizes in the front row at the discretion of the referee.
  3. If there are 12 riders in each of 2 consecutive classes, such 2 classes may be run concurrently (for separate trophies and points).
  4. If there are less than 12 entries such entries may be combined with another class or the class canceled at the discretion of the promoter.
SS-6 Expert and Pro Expert Classes: Both classes start on same gate and are assigned gate positions for moto 1 by current championship points standing. Championship points are awarded for overall finish order within the combined class. Classes are separated for overall finish for contingency purposes and promotional points are awarded to Expert riders only.
Promotional Points
PP-1 Promotional are accumulated per rider, not per class and they are accumulated from year to year. A promotion to the next classification is given at the conclusion of each day's event if the rider has earned the proper number of points and is age eligible. Promotional points are posted at each NESC event.
PP-2 Promotional points are awarded to the top five (5) overall finishers, (top 3 in youth, female and vet classes).
PP-3 No promotional points are awarded in the 50cc, 65cc, Supermini, 85cc classes, Vet A, Youth A, Female, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+ or 'Pro' classes.
PP-4 Four (4) riders' entries constitute a class for promotional points.
PP-5 Promotional points All non-youth & non Vet classes: 1st-6, 2nd-4, 3rd-3, 4th-2, 5th-1. Promotional Points for Youth and Vet classes: 1st-3, 2nd-2, 3rd-1
PP-6 Promotional points for when there are less than 12 riders in a novice (C, amateur (B) or expert (A) classes 10-11 riders 1st-4, 2nd-3, 3rd-2, 4th-1 7-9 riders 1st-3, 2nd-2, 3rd-1 4-6 riders 1st-2, 2nd-1 3 or less riders no promotional points. Promotional points for when there are less than 12 riders in a youth/female/vet class 7-11 riders 1st-2, 2nd-1 4-6 riders 1st-1 3 or less riders no promotional points.
PP-7 When you earn the proper promotional points, you must advance to the next class at the end of the current series. Riders are responsible to keep track of their promotional points. Riders under 16 who earn 120 promotional points will remain at amateur status with 120 points until they reach 16 years of age. At that time they will be promoted to expert. (You must be 16 years old to be an expert) If you are promoted or race in a higher class in another organization you must also advance to that class in NESC. Riders may also move up in class at any time only by notifying the Competition Committee. They will be issued an updated competition card.
PP-8 Riders are no longer required to freeze their promotional points in order to finish out a series in the same class. Your classification at the beginning of a series will remain with you throughout the series, with proper points, you will move up in class at the start of the next series. Self-promotion will be allowed, but the Competition Committee must be notified in writing
PP-9 Promotional points for advancement
  Note: All points are permanent, for example when a rider makes amateur with 40 points that rider needs an additional 80 points to make expert with a total of 120 points.
Class Accumulated Points Advance To
Novice 40 Amateur
Amateur 120'..(Riders must be 16 years old)''..Expert
Expert 220 Pro
Vet 'C' 40.. Vet 'B'
Vet 'B' 75 Vet 'A' (advanced)
Vet 'A' 120 Expert
Youth 'C' 40 Youth 'B'
Youth 'B' 65 Youth 'A'
Youth 'A'
Note: 85cc classes will no longer earn promotional points. Returning 85cc C and B riders will advance to the Youth class as a 'C' rider with 0 points, returning 85cc A riders will advance to a Youth B rider with 45 points. Returning amateurs with 30-39 points will automatically be assigned 40 points.
TR-1 Trophies for Youth, Female and Novices classes will be awarded for the top 5 riders in each class.
  All other classes, when there are more than twelve riders in a class, 5 trophies.
  Trophies when there are less than twelve riders in a class:
  9-11 riders 3 Trophies
  6-8 riders 2 Trophies
  5 or less riders 1 Trophy
  Trophies, prizes and other awards: Must be picked up by the rider (or designated representative) on the day of the event. ALL RIDERS MUST PRESENT THEIR CURRENT COMPETITION CARD OR OTHER FORM OF ID. The promoter's and or the NESC are not responsible for items unclaimed.
TR-2 Year end Championship Awards
  Each of The New England Sports Committee Championship series is designed to reward riders' accomplishments and their support of the NESC points paying events. At the end of the year a Championship awards program is run to recognize the top riders in each championship class for each series. To be eligible for awards, you must attend 50% of the races in the series, NESC will publish the minimum number of events that you must participate in for each series based on the number of actual events run in each series in the weekly newsletter and on line. Riders wishing to receive awards must submit the proper paperwork to NESC by the posted deadline or awards will not be made.
Championship points
CP-1 Riders in a championship series will have their choice of gate assignments based upon their current standings. If two qualifiers are run gate choices will be as follows, Top ten 1st-10th picks. Heat A-first place 11th pick, second place 14th pick, third place 15th pick, 4th place 18th pick, fifth place 19th pick, etc. Heat B-first place 12th pick, second place 13th pick, third place 16th pick, 4th place 17th pick, fifth place 20th pick, etc.
CP-2 When it is necessary to run qualifiers for 'C' Championship classes, the current top ten in the point standings in each class will be exempt from such qualifiers.
CP-3 A. Championship points are accumulated from all of the championship motos within each class throughout each series. The rider that has accumulated the most championship points in each series is declared the series champion. See Trophies section for information on awards.
  B. To be eligible for yearend awards a rider must participate in the minimum number of races in each series posted in the current year book (section TR-2).
  C. Throw-away days: for 2018 we are allowing one throw-away day per series.
How it works
  If you completely miss one day then you accumulate '0' points for that day and '0' are subtracted from your final total.
  If you miss no race days, then your lowest score is subtracted from your final total.
  If you are disqualified from a class for any reason (whether it is for one moto or both motos), then the total score for that class on that day will not be allowed to be counted as a throwaway day.
CP-4 Ties for Series Championship points in all classes will be determined by the rider with the most overall first place finishes, then the most seconds overall, third overalls, etc. down to most tenth place overall finishes. If the tie still exists series winner will be determined by the best finish in the last scheduled Championship final/moto, not by an individual rider's last final/moto, but by the scheduled events. (event 12 takes precedence over event 11).
CP-5 If a championship class has less than 18 riders in it, then at the referee's discretion, the length of the moto may be reduced.
CP-6 The Iron Man award is determined by a top twenty finish in all championship motos, heats and finals in a series. A disqualification in any moto would not allow you to earn the award.
CP-7 Championship points for all classes Standard motos points (C events)
  1st 25 6th 15 11th 10 16th 5
  2nd 22 7th 14 12th 9 17th 4
  3rd 20 8th 13 13th 8 18th 3
  4th 18 9th 12 14th 7 19th 2
  5th 16 10th 11 15th 6 20th 1
  In the event that the NESC cannot run a two moto format for your class(es) double championship points will be awarded.
CP-8 Championship points are awarded for each moto, these are combined for the daily totals.
P-1 Bike protest. Any rider competing in a class may make a protest to the referee regarding another rider's classification, motorcycle displacement, or any other items that are relative to his or her class. Each such protest must be made in writing and accompanied by a protest fee of $25 for each protest. If a tear down of a motorcycle is required, a protest fee of $100 is required for all reasonable expenses connected with the protest. All protests must be filed with the referee not later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the class that is in question. In the event that the protest is upheld the rider that submitted the protest will receive his or her money back. If the protest is not upheld the money will go to the rider that was protested.
P-2 Protested riders or classes shall have no bearing in the promotional points except within their class.
P-3 All decisions on protests will be made as soon as possible, but if it is not possible to decide the protest immediately the Referee may permit the rider and motorcycle to compete, under protest. Any points, trophies, and/or monies won will be withheld pending the decision of the protest.
P-4 Scoring Protest. Protest time: You have 30 minutes after the results are posted to file a protest. If you have a problem with the results, please go see the clerk of course immediately. It is your responsibility to check the results. Do not remove the posting Strips from the board, the clerk will have an exact copy. With the exception of the Youth classes, the rider must make the protest. For the Youth class, a parent or legal guardian may file the protest.
Official flags & signal boards
F-1 A #1 signal board at the beginning of each race indicates a moto is about to start. All mechanics must immediately leave the starting line when this board is displayed.
F-2 A #1 signal board displayed at the finish line near the end of a race indicates that there is one lap one lap remaining.
F-3 A #2 signal board displayed at the finish line near the end of each race indicates that there are two laps to go.
F-4 Black and white checkered flag: Signals the end of the race.
F-5 Red flag: The race is being stopped. Slow down safely and return to the starting line for instructions. No wheelies, hot-dogging or such, simply and cautiously proceed back to the starting line area.
F-6 Black flag: An individual rider is being flagged off the track (by the referee). All other riders are to Continue to race. The rider so flagged will be pointed to by the referee. Riders so flagged must on the next lap, stop for instructions.
F-7 Corner flags (Yellow or Orange): The flag is held by the corner flag personnel and indicates an accident in that area. Danger on the track. Proceed with caution, reduce speed and maintain position. No passing or jumping is allowed within the 'Yellow' flag area(s). Failure to do so will result in rider disqualification for the moto.
F-8 Crossed flags: (Given at the finish line only) Indicates that the race is at the halfway mark.
F-9 Refusal to obey official's flag(s) and or signals will result in the rider's disqualifications for the moto and subject to further penalties and disqualification's by the NESC.

Contingency Programs: In 2018, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna and Suzuki have put up contingency money for the NESC riders. Contingency schedules are listed on the NESC web site and in the first NESC newsletter.
Where can you get information on how to sign up for contingency? Most manufacturers now require on line registration for their contingency programs. For specific rules for eligibilities, classes, what type of bikes, years, models and any more necessary information about the contingency programs, you have three options:
1. Check with your dealers.
2. Check with the Competition Committee at NESC's sign-up.
3. The NESC website at has links to your bike's manufacturer. Information can be found there.
4. If you are submitting results on XTRM for Honda contingency you should be sure that you do this within 3 weeks of the event.

NESC will not be responsible to approve your results if they are not submitted by this deadline.
The official results are:
Forwarded to all of the contingency sponsors weekly.
Posted on the 'NESC' website weekly.
Printed, posted and available at events, weekly.

It is the responsibility of each rider to check these boards and or 'NESC printed sheets on race day .
Protest time is 30 minutes from the end of the moto.
Manufacturers will no longer make changes to results once they have been submitted for payment; therefore, it is no longer possible to make corrections, adjustments, revisions of results, bike types and such, except on the day of the event.
Each rider is responsible to make all changes in writing to the NESC, on the day of the event.
Failure to do so could result in your loss of contingencies. Additionally note that it is extremely important that all event entry forms, have the type of motorcycle clearly and properly written on them. The type of motorcycle means Manufacturer (what brand) Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki, Kawasaki, etc. not the model or cc's. Event entry forms without bike types, improper information, incomplete information, and such will not be eligible for contingencies.
Note: Riders signing up for NESC races on kiosks should be sure to select their correct bike brand.

Rider Down Foundation

The Rider Down Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping responsible off road motorcyclists and ATV racers who have been injured while riding. Proceeds are used to provide assistance to the riders and their families when faced with medical expenses and related issues.FMI visit their website: The NESC ScholarshipThis fund awards $2,000, annually to college students meeting NESC requirements.Dead line to apply is November 1st in the current race year. Eligibility requirements:A Member in good standing of the NESC for at least two years.Full time student at a fully accredited school.Run at least ten races in the current year.To get an application send to:N.E.S.C.PO Box 956Moosup, CT 06354


The Tom Timonen Fund is supported from money both from your entry fees and from part of your competition card fee. Other than this and the money earned from interest the fund has no other income. The fund is used for the benefit of the riders. This is not medical insurance. This you should already have. Nor is the fund an insurance company of any type. The fund is simply salary assistance for the time you are out of work. If you do not need the money do not apply.
If you do need the fund, ask for it. Remember, if you are not honest with the fund, you are only cheating the other riders. Any rider abusing the fund shall be suspended from NESC competition.

To be eligible for the fund you must meet the following requirements:
1. You must hold a current NESC motocross number.
2. You must have been hurt at an NESC sanctioned motocross event
3. You must be a 'B' or 'A'' rider or have signed up as a 'C' for at least 90 days prior to disability.
4. You must notify the administrator of your disability within 30 days of your injury.
5. You must be out of work without salary.
6. If you are a full-time student you must be absent from school.
7. You are re-eligible for assistance 15 days after you go off the fund. You cannot race in any NESC sanctioned event or any other competition, while collecting and for 15 days after your last check.
8. The procedure for collecting from the fund is as follows:

As soon as it is determined that you will not be able to work, contact the fund administrator:

Atty. Roger Davis
C/o Davis & Rubin
21 McGrath HWY, Unit 406
Quincy, MA 02169

Tel: 617-471-4300 between 9:00-5:00 PM only
Fax: 617-742-4304 Mon. through Fri.

You will be sent a file card. You must fill out the card and return it. Along with the card you must also include from a doctor a letter stating your estimated work-lost time and a letter from your employer or school, verifying the time lost from work or school.
Also include your NESC competition card. After you go off the fund, your card will be returned to you. Note: Your NESC card will be kept for 15 days after the date of your last benefit payment.
Each week you must notify the administrator that you are still out of work. If you do not send a post card, the check will then stop and it will be assumed that you are back at work.

The benefits are as follows:
Student Full-time $100.00 per week
Single No Dependents $150.00 per week
Married No Dependents $170.00 per week
Married 1 Child $200.00 per week
Single parent 1 Child $200.00 per week
Married 2 Children $220.00 per week
Single parent 2 Children $220.00 per week
Married 3 Children $240.00 per week
Single parent 3 Children $240.00 per week
Married 4 or more Children $260.00 per week
Single parent 4 or more Children $260.00 per week

Note: The maximum benefit period is 13 weeks: the weekly benefit is not to exceed the difference between normal weekly take home pay.