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50/50 raffle started to fund the 60th anniversary celebration at Crow Hill.

We are going to start selling tickets at every race for a 50/50 raffle to raise money for the 60th anniversary celebration at Crow Hill. Shaunna Knuth will be selling the tickets during each event starting at sign-ups and through the first half. Winner will be drawn at the beginning of the second motos, a new winner each week.

2018 Spring Series Round Three, Sunday, April 29th, Crow Hill Motocross Park, Baldwinville, MA

After a weekend off for the Foxboro Supercross you know everyone will be ready to race and the weather's got to be warmer, right? Crow Hill will be the place to be!

Saturday there will be open practice and then hayrides in the evening, plenty of RV parking with a new lot for big rigs. Kids can ride the BMX track (with helmets please)

See New England's fastest motocross racers like Chris Canning, Robbie Marshall, Mike Sottile, Josh Prior, Kyle Murdoch, Jason Brooks, Gabe Gutierres, Matt Desjardins, Corey Ridel and many, many more!

There's also tons of contingency money up for grabs from Suzuki, KTM and Husqvarna. KTM has added the 25 and 60+ classes to their program.

Classes for all skill levels will be run for racers on 50ccs and up.

Gate admission is 10.

Race entry is 35. for the first two classes and then 15. for each additional class.

One day passes are available at the NESC trailer for 10. if you own a transponder or 20. if you need to rent one (transponder mounts are on sale at 10). PLUS A SEPARATE $200 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED-CASH ONLY (You must also purchase/rent the holder for $10) CASH DEPOSIT WILL BE RETURNED WHEN YOU RETURN THEM AT THE END OF THE DAY.

Signup will be open for NESC one day and full year memberships and for race entries on Sunday morning at 7:00

8:45 rider's meeting with practice to follow, please don't miss it.

Use our online form to get your info into the system and save us some time on race day.

Race order for Sunday, April 29th at Crow Hill

Check the posting board at signup for any last minute changes on race day.
Crow Hill, April 29, 2018
1 50 cc C
2 45+ Open/ 60+ Open C
3 Super Mini C
4 450 C / 40+ C C
5 250 B C
6 450 Pro/A C
7 55+ Open/ Female C
8 40+ A/40+ B C
9 25+ A/B/C C
10 Open Novice C
11 Open Amateur C
12 Open Expert C
13 85cc 7-11/12-15 yrs C
14 50+ Open/30+ C C
15 30+ A/30+B $C
16 Youth C C
17 Youth B C
18 250 A/ Pro / Youth A C
19 250 C C
20 65cc C
21 450 B C

Open practice at Crow Hill for Saturday, April 28th

Get in some practice laps at Crow Hill before Sunday's race. Check out all the track changes and get your bike dialed in.

Directions to Crow Hill

Crow Hill is easy to find, only a few minutes off Rt. 2 in central Massachusetts, if you've never been before you can follow thse directions

Keep your eyes open leaving the tracks

Southwick police were given a tip by someone leaving the track on Sunday that they thought they're being followed by a black Dodge Magnum Station Wagon, with dark tinted windows and chrome moldings. Southwick police later observed a black Dodge Magnum station wagon, with dark tinted windows and chrome moldings a short time later and were able to identify it. The vehicle then left the area. Keep an eye out of who's travelling behind you and take extra storing your bikes at home... Racers really need to start taking extra precautions.

Get your info into the system!

Help save us some time on race day by submitting your information using this super easy online form.
You'll still need to print, sign and have notarized this short wavier and provide payment for your membership in person, at the track.

Transponder update!

All NESC members must own a transponder, the NESC has less than 50 units available to rent to one day riders. Please make sure to order one in time for the first race and if you already own one please charge it.
Note: the orange transponders will still work, please make sure those are charged and that your subsciption is still active.

More info and ordering info is at Speedhive.

2018 NESC rule book pdf

The 2018 edition of the rule book is available as a pdf download at this link

New mailing address for the NESC office

Please send all NESC forms to NESC P.O. Box 956 Moosup, CT 06354

2018 NESC rule books coming soon

This year's NESC rule book have been sent out, all riders registered by 3-10-18 should be receiving theirs in the mail shortly.

60th anniversary celebration in planning mode

2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the NESC and to commemorate this historic milestone a special race/part/reunion is now being planned. If you or your company would like to help out with this event please get in touch with the NESC office.
As more and more details are finalized that information will be published here.

New email address for the NESC office

Annette Rose-Fry will be taking over the Competition Committee this year, please click here to email her any questions

2018 number applications will be processed as soon as possible, please be patient as there have been some health issue related delays.

NESC rule and class changes for 2018

The NESC board of directors has made a few rule changes for the '18 season.

New classes added for Vets

A 60+ Open Vet class has been added since there are so many old motocrossers in New England who still race, the class will be run in the same moto as the 45+ class with separate gate drops. Tell your dad and grandfather to dust off their old bikes and come racing with you.

Also a 25+ ABC Vet class was added after numerous requests from riders who weren't quite old enough to run the 30+ classes, this will be a great class for guys who have to get up and go to work on Monday morning. The slot in the race order for this one is TBD but it should be a pretty popular addition.

Freezing no longer needed

The freezing rule has been eliminated for '18, now if a rider starts a series as a novice or amateur he or she will be able to finish that series even after acquiring the number of promotional points to advance to the next class. Promotions will occur at the start of the next series or a rider may elect to promote at any time once they have enough points. This will allow riders to come and just race without having to worry about going too fast and pointing out before the freeze date.

Easier to qualify for year end awards in 2018

The amount of races needed to qualify for year end awards (jackets, plaques etc) has been rolled back to 50% for 2018. Next year if a series has 14 races in it racers will only need to do 7 races to earn awards if they make their classes top ten. This is to encourage riders who might have only raced at their home tracks as one day riders to join the NESC and travel to a few more tracks.

NESC family deal days

The 2018 renewal/new rider form is now posted here (fill in the form on your computer and then print it out at home before mailing it in), families with more than one rider can save big by joining today. One rider is 75. and each additional rider is only 50. until 1/31/18. The price to sign-up at a track is 100. so families with 2 or three riders can save 75. to 125.

NESC jackets available to order

Use the menu below to order additional NESC jackets, just like the ones the riders will be getting at the awards banquet. The next order deadline is Jan 31st, if we get at least a half a dozen orders we'll make a run other wise we'll have to wait a month.
While jackets are available to order, year end plaques and awards are not, those are produced only for the riders who made it to the required number of events and sent in the banquet form.
The transaction will be handled by Buckley Photos.

Jacket size
Name and number

2018 NESC applications on line

Get a jump on next year and save your number by renewing your NESC membership today.
You can download the form here

NESC Digital Newsletter

Stay up to date on all the latest info from the NESC, subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here.

2018 NESC Board of Directors
President Dave Clemence
Vice President Kevin Bishop - Chris Knuth
Treasurer John DelGrosso
Secretary Shaunna Knuth
Senior Rider Reps
  Jason Allan
  Austin Brooks
  Tim Brown
  Jason Hargreaves
  Jack Courtney
  John Majcher
  Mark Sullivan
Alternate Rider Reps
  Cory Beety
  Bradley Austin
  Brittani Majcher
  Andrew Rossi
Competition Committee
  Annette Rose-Fry click Annette's name to email the NESC office
Debbie Genereux
Lisa Roy
Ruth Pepoon Competition Committee consultant

Mylaps transponder update

Mylaps has finally given riders some updates and now they have a “fix” for the older version X2’s that would not connect/charge. The NESC has a few of these “fix” packs available at sign-up. Newer versions will not have the issue. Also there are instructions on how to tell if the X2’s are activated and how much time they have left.
You can read more here


Remind everyone to charge their Flex and Classic transponders for at least 12 hours before race day. Newer X2’s require only 4 hours to charge.

If they are blinking fast red then they need to buy more time directly from Mylaps; their subscriptions are expired or for the new X2 units, they need to be activated before use.

Expired Flex units: You must purchase more time on and then connect the transponder through your computer to the Flex Manager program on the Mylaps website and activate them.

For fast blinking X2 units they must be activated directly from the Mylaps website, by logging on to the rider’s Mylaps account.

Also it is very important to understand that the parental consent form listed is for parents that are sending their minors to race events where they will not be present. They must name the person acting as guardian for the day, it must be notarized and we need a new form for every event. We have no blanket minor releases at NESC.


Did you know...

Did you know that the NESC is a non-profit corporation? The NESC runs off only the funds collected from membership fees (either full year or one day) and the transponder rental fees. The NESC does not make money from the race entries and gate fees at the races.
Did you know that one dollar from every entry goes into the Tom Timonen Fund that is in place to help riders injured in NESC races?


The NESC Scholarship program.

This fund awards $2,000.00 annually to college students meeting NESC requirements.

Eligibility requirements: Must be a NESC member for at least two years in good standing and a full time student at a fully accredited college, university, or technical school. Rider must have attended at least 10 NESC races in the current year.

Application process:

Compose a cover letter to NESC requesting consideration for the NESC Scholarship program; naming the college/course of study you plan on attending.

A copy of your final grades from the most recent term.

A letter from your college registrar’s office confirming acceptance to the school.

Please send the above requirements by November 1st; we will make the decisions for awards just prior to the annual banquet.

Deadline to apply is November 1st of the current racing year.

Please send your information to

NESC Scholarship

P.O. Box 956
Moosup, CT 06354


NESC on Facebook

Like the NESC page on Facebook to see last minute updates and other important info.


Huge points fund for the Pro/Expert classes

Last year $25,000.00 was paid out at the Awards banquet to the Expert and Pro riders in the top 15 and this year with bigger turn outs it could be even more.


100% plus payback ten spots in the 250 & 450 expert/pro motos

Not 3, not 5, but all the way back to tenth place*! No New England series pays out what the NESC races pay out. *Riders must place in the top ten of a moto (combined expert and pro to win cash). Expert class riders are also eligible for trophies in their class.


Address changed?

If you have changed your address this year, please notify the NESC by email ASAP.

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