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Sunday July 5th MX207 Lyman, Maine

Spend the Fourth of July weekend in Maine, grab some lobsters and check out the local fireworks on Saturday then get ready to race on Sunday. The MX207 track crew has been grading and grooming their place so it'll be mint for the NESC race.

MX207 is easy to get to, right on Route 5, if you've never been use these directions.

KTM, Honda and Yamaha paying contingency at MX207 on Sunday, July 5th

Do you like money? Get ready to grab some cash next Sunday if you're on a qualifying bike and finish high enough you'll go home with more than just a trophy. KTM is offering incentives to their riders.

The entire 2015 contingency schedule is here.

New in 2015 we will be running our Pro/Expert motos at fixed times during the race day.

This is the race order for MX207 this weekend as approved by the Board. The 250 Pro races will run at approximately 12:00 & 4:00 and the 450 Pros at 2:00 & 6:00 (assuming everything goes as planned).
1 50cc
2 55+ Open/ Female B/C
3 40+ A/40+ B
4 Open Novice
5 Open Am/Open Expert
6 85 A/B/C
7 50+ Open/30+ C
8 30+A/30+B
9 Youth C
10 Youth B
11 65 cc
12 250 Lites A/Pro/ Youth A
13 250 Lites C
14 450 MX B
15 45+ Open
16 Super Mini
17 450 MX C/40+ C
18 250 Lites B
19 450 MX Pro/A


50's and 65's are running at MX207

50 and 65 classes will be run at all the other NESC tracks except for Central Cycle Club.


50's and 65's are running at Winchester Speedpark

50 and 65 classes will be run at the next NESC races at Winchester.


Jolly Roger Motorsports Park gets a new name and a new owner

Tony Lorusso, one of the winningest racers in NESC history has agreed to purchase Jolly Roger Motorsports Park. He's changing the name to New Hampshire Motocross. In addition to changing the name Tony has been busy re-vitalizing the track and the facilities in preparation for the June 28th NESC race. Tony's been busy bulldozing the track, bringing dirt back onto the track and getting some sections ready for a fresh coat of soil. He's also rebuilt some of the bleachers and is having a well dug for water in the pits. He may still have Marco run the concession stand since Jolly was so well know for it's great food.
Stay tuned for more up-dates.

Check out their site for more info.


Speed up those lines

Fill out and print your forms at home and bring them filled out, it's easy to do and saves a bunch of time. Use the PDF's on the forms page, fill them out on your computer before you print them. You need a My Laps Flex Transponder to race.
Is your transponder active with a valid subscription?? If it is charged and then displays a fast blinking lights this indicates that the transponder is either not active, or does not have a valid subscription.

All the forms can be found on the forms page.

You need to connect your transponder's charging cradle to your computer via USB, then download the Flex Manager software to view its status, you will need an internet connection to complete this activation/renewal. - Software can be found here - This software is Windows compatible only.

We have a very small number of transponders available for rental, this requires a CASH $200 refundable deposit and a $10 rental fee. I strongly recommend that you do not rely on the rental option as if they are gone, they are gone. You need to have a transponder to race.


Please use your correct NESC number

It really helps if you would please use your assigned NESC number on your bikes and your entry forms. If you need to switch bikes or numbers please let the NESC and track officials know.


New info for Southwick

The Wick 338 is back on the NESC schedule for the 2015 season, Keith and Dana Johnson will be the promoters at the track which is now called The Wick 338.

Here's the new contact info.
When entering a race at Southwick make checks payable to the Wick 338 Address:
The Wick 338
PO Box 1318
Southwick, MA 01077
no phone at The Wick
Gates open 4PM on Saturdays
Check in times:
Sundays 700AM-8:45AM
Rider’s Meeting: 8:45AM
Practice: 9AM


Transponder update

Mylaps has announced a new transponder called X2 MX, direct power and has them available for sale on their site.
These units are permanently mounted to the bike and run off the bikes battery power (MX bikes of course do not typically have batteries) so these units will not work for bikes without batteries. The NESC just talked to Mylaps and they are saying that for our events, we should keep on using and renewing our Flex units.
Riders with the Flex transponders should connect their units through their computers to the Mylaps Flex Manager software to check their expiration date and if expired, renew their subscriptions to them.


The NESC Scholarship program.

This fund awards $2,000.00 annually to college students meeting NESC requirements.

Eligibility requirements: Must be a NESC member for at least two years in good standing and a full time student at a fully accredited college, university, or technical school. Rider must have attended at least 10 NESC races in the current year.

Application process:

Compose a cover letter to NESC requesting consideration for the NESC Scholarship program; naming the college/course of study you plan on attending.

A copy of your final grades from the most recent term.

A letter from your college registrar’s office confirming acceptance to the school.

Please send the above requirements by November 1st; we will make the decisions for awards just prior to the annual banquet.

Deadline to apply is November 1st of the current racing year.

Please send your information to

NESC Scholarship

P.O. Box 1680
Wells, ME 04090


NESC on Facebook

Like the NESC page on Facebook to see last minute updates and other important info.


Huge points fund for the Pro/Expert classes

Last year $25,000.00 was paid out at the Awards banquet to the Expert and Pro riders in the top 15 and this year with bigger turn outs it could be even more.


100% plus payback ten spots in the 250 & 450 expert/pro motos

Not 3, not 5, but all the way back to tenth place*! No New England series pays out what the NESC races pay out. *Riders must place in the top ten of a moto (combined expert and pro to win cash). Expert class riders are also eligible for trophies in their class.


Notes about transponders

All transponders need to be charged before the first race race, 12-16 hours for a full charge.

Riders with Flex transponders (Pay by the year) should make sure their subscriptions are up to date before the first race. They should connect then to the Mylaps Flex Manager Program to verify the expiration date. We cannot activate them at NESC events because we have no internet connections. We cannot score riders without charged transponders.


Address changed?

If you have changed your address this year, please notify the NESC by email ASAP.

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