The 2021 Awards Banquet will take place on Saturday, January 29th at the DoubleTree by Hilton 5400 Computer DR Westborough, MA 01581
This year we'll be presenting the Fall Series awards first and then the Spring Series awards.

Doors open at 10:00AM

2022 race schedule

We're pleased to release the 2022 race schedule with 12 races in the Spring Series and 11 races in the Fall Series. The complete list of races is here.

2022 NESC membership form

To renew your NESC membership or to join as a new member please fill out this this online form and then print and fill out this short legal release.

If you'd rather mail in your renewal or new application print out this form.

The renewal deadline to keep your 2021 number is 1-31-22

NESC rider numbers

Here are the latest rider numbers as of 1-11-22

Proof of age required for all new riders

Birth certificates required only for new applications this year (send in non-returnable copies), but all forms must be notarized.

NESC Parent consent form

Use this form if your child will be attending the race with another adult acting as their custodian for the day.

Fall series points (updated 11-10)

The complete standing for all classes with the throwaways taken out are posted here


It was one heck of a summer for multi time NESC champion, Keith Johnson, a win at Loretta Lynn's, a trip to England on the Vet des Nations with Team USA not to mention co-promoting the Southwick National with his dad, Rick Johnson. With that said we figured it was time to sit down with KJ for a quick little interview to get his take on the summer. Read more

Transponders back in stock!

We just got word from Mylaps that the TR-2 transponders are back in stock and can be ordered.
We still have about 22 members that have never given us their transponder numbers so they have no cards.
We have been letting things go, because they have been out of stock for so long at Mylaps they are back in stock now so no more excuses.
As an incentive for our members, Mylaps has also announced a price increase, effective October 1st, so if you order yours before the first, you will save a bit on the subscriptions.
More info and ordering info is at Speedhive

Throwaway races

Every rider has one throwaway race per class in a championship series. If you completely miss one day then you accumulate “0” points for that day and “0” are subtracted from your final championship points total.
If you miss no race days, then your lowest score is subtracted from your final total.
If you race multiple classes your throwaway races might be on different days if you haven't missed any events.
If you are disqualified from a class for any reason (whether it is for one moto or both motos), then the total score for that class on that day will not be allowed to be counted as a throwaway day.

Attention youth rider parents!

If your child is a full NESC member and a youth rider and you have not sent in the short release he or she will not be allowed to race!

One day racers may fill out a release at the track, the day of the race.

Please fill out and have the short release form notarized then mail it to the NESC ASAP! Yes, you may bring it to the NESC at the tracks
PO BOX 609
North Berwick, ME 03906

Spring series points

The complete standing for all classes with the throwaways taken out are posted here

Promotional points (updated 7-19)

Here are the latest promotional points

rule updates for 2021

G-20 B. Riders may not start more than one (1) foot behind the starting gate. Penalty is loss of one (1) lap. G-20 C. When a penalty line start is used, the rider may be no more than 1 foot behind the penalty start line) but not in front of the penalty line (start line). Penalty is loss of one (1) lap.

G-20 I. No tools or implements may be used to prep the starting area except for a broom to sweep a concrete or asphalt pad. Penalty is a backwards start.

TR-2 Year end Championship Awards Each of the NESC Championship series are designed to reward riders’ accomplishments and their support of the NESC points paying events. At the end of the year a Championship awards program is run to recognize the top riders in each championship class for each series that earn championship points ie 85cc and supermini classes at Central Village are not counted as championship points events.
To be eligible for awards, you must race 75% of the championship points races in a class in the series, NESC will publish the minimum number of events that you must participate in for each series based on the number of actual events run in each series in the weekly newsletter and on line. Riders wishing to receive awards must submit the proper paperwork to NESC by the posted deadline or awards will not be made.

CP-5 The Iron Man award is determined by a top twenty finish in all championship motos, heats and finals in one class in a series. A disqualification in any moto would not allow you to earn the award. 85cc and Supermini races at Central Village are not counted for Ironman awards.


Join or renew! One rider is only $100, additional riders in the same household, signed up at the same time are only $75!
Use this on-line form to join or renew today.

If you'd prefer to mail in your renewal print out this form, fill it out (youth riders must have it notarized) and mail it to
PO BOX 609
North Berwick, ME 03906

Parts unlimited contingency for 2021

Parts Unlimited is proud to announce that they have teamed up with the NESC as part of the 2021 We Support the Sport® Racer Rewards Program.
The Parts Unlimited We Support the Sport® Contingency Program will reward qualified riders with parts, accessories and apparel, across a multitude of series, through its dedicated dealer network to support amateur riders nationwide. Together with our series partners, we look forward to a great year of racing.

Fill out these forms to be eligible in the Spring and the Fall

help wanted

We are looking for someone to help out at the races in the NESC office. Duties would include signing up riders, renting transponders, helping with the scoring, posting results and helping to setup the race in Trackside. This would be a part time paid position and you should be able to attend most of the NESC races.
Experience in Trackside a plus but training will be available.
If you're interested please send an email to the NESC at this link

2021 race schedule announced

We are very happy to announce that the 2021 schedule has been finalized! A total of 24 races at 6 tracks divided into 2 series will be run.
All the dates are on the schedule page
Contingency dates will be announced soon.

NESC Scholarship winners announced

Each year thanks to the tracks, the riders and everyone who attended the races, the NESC awards $2,000 (divided up amongst the winners equally) to riders who are qualifying students. The winners of the 2020 NESC Scholarship who will each receive $500 are Pawel Maslak #292, Sam St. Laurent #127, Seamus Sullivan #776 and Troy Wigmore #81

2020 Fall series points (updated 11-4)

Here are the final championship points with the throwaways taken out. Stay tuned for information on the year end awards

Transponder update! Subscription Updating!

Log into your MyLaps Connect account when activating your X2 transponder. If you are not logged into your account when you click the "Continue" button it will only be activated for the current weekend!

Note: the orange transponders will still work, please make sure those are charged and that your subscription is still active.
More info and ordering info is at Speedhive.

Update your transponder subscription here

NESC memberships on line or by mail

Use this on-line form to renew your membership.
Families are able to use one form for multiple riders by clicking Yes when asked if they'd like to add a second, third, fourth rider.

If you'd prefer to mail in your renewal print out this form, fill it out (youth riders must have it notarized) and mail it to:
PO BOX 609
North Berwick, ME 03906

transponder rentals

If you need to rent a transponder please print out this form and fill it out before coming up to rent your transponder. The fee is $10. per day (we have bike clips for sale at $10.) a $200 refundable deposit is required.

2021 rulebook on line

The 2021 NESC rulebook is on line now, the schedule page may still be updated. You can download the pdf version here

Youth class age updates

In order to be more in line with the age requirements with other organizations we've changed the Youth Class age definitions for this season. Now whatever age you were on January 1st is your NESC age. This applies to all the Youth Classes from the 50cc up to the Youth A.

Board of directors and contact info

Mailing address:

PO BOX 609
North Berwick, ME  03906

Email address: Click here to email the NESC
2021 Board of directors

David Clemence President
Jack Camelio Vice president
John Delgrosso Treasurer
Janice Majcher Secretary

Senior Rider Reps:

Jason Hargreaves
Jason Allan
Dennis Fazio
John Majcher
Kenny Robertson
Brittani Majcher

Alternate Rider Reps:

Tyler Faulkner
Jack Courtney

Competition Committee: Ruthie Pepoon

Did you know...

Did you know that the NESC is a non-profit corporation? The NESC runs off only the funds collected from membership fees (either full year or one day) and the transponder rental fees.
The NESC does not make money from the race entries and gate fees at the races.

The NESC Scholarship program

This fund awards $2,000.00 annually to college students meeting NESC requirements.
Eligibility requirements: Must be a NESC member for at least two years in good standing and a full time student at a fully accredited college, university, or technical school. Rider must have attended at least 10 NESC races in the current year.
Application process:
Compose a cover letter to NESC requesting consideration for the NESC Scholarship program; naming the college/course of study you plan on attending.
A copy of your final grades from the most recent term.
A letter from your college registrar’s office confirming acceptance to the school.
Please send the above requirements by November 1st; we will make the decisions for awards just prior to the annual banquet. Deadline to apply is November 1st of the current racing year. Please send your information to:
PO BOX 609
North Berwick, ME 03906

NESC on Facebook

Like the NESC page on Facebook to see last minute updates and other important info.

100% plus payback ten spots in the Pro/Expert motos

Not 3, not 5, but all the way back to tenth place*! No New England series pays out what the NESC races pay out. *Riders must place in the top ten of a moto (combined expert and pro to win cash). Expert class riders are also eligible for trophies in their class.

Address changed?

If you have changed your address this year, please notify the NESC by email ASAP.

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FXR, the official sponsor of the NESC 2021 season

Need some new gear to start the season off with a fresh look? Take a look at what FXR has to offer and see why more and more riders are switching to FXR

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Official nesc merch

Lots of cool T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more to choose from, grab a cool gift for your favorite racer!

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Craftsman tools

For the second year in a row Craftsman tools kicked in a bunch of prizes for our Awards Banquet, one of them being this giant mechanics tool chest which was won by Jeff Martel, on the left with Jason Hargreaves

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