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2019 Banquet tickets available now
The 2019 NESC Awards Banquet will take place on Saturday, January 18th at the DoubleTree by Hilton 5400 Computer Drive, Westborough, MA 01581. Everyone is welcome to attend, riders who did the required number of races in a series will receive awards and their choice of a jacket or hoodie.
Please fill out this form to order your tickets (you must order at least one banquet ticket or select the Mail My Awards option in order for the NESC to produce your awards.
The deadline to order tickets is December 9th

If you would prefer to mail in your order please download this pdf form and return it to
P.O. Box 609
North Berwick, ME 03906

Best 12 out of 13 races!
Remember it's your best 12 out of 13 races (in all classes except the 50cc, 65cc, 85cc and Supermini) that count in the final championship standings.
In the 50cc class it's the best 8 out of 9 races that count.
In the 65cc, 85cc and Super mini classes it's the best 10 out of 11 races.

All racers have their lowest race score subtracted from their points total.

If you missed a race and scored zero points that would be your lowest score and zero points would be deducted from your championship total.

If you won every moto, your lowest race score would be 50 and 50 points would be deducted from your championship total.

NESC Fall Series Round Twelve, October 20, Central Cycle Club, Central Village, Ct
Looks like another gorgeous October weekend for racing in New England is in store for you at Central Village, 65 and sunny? How can you beat that? Central Village is a rider and spectator favorite so we're expecting another big crowd of riders, we had a whooping 412 entries this past Sunday at Winchester Speedpark. We have tons of contingency, lots of classes to choose from, great racing and have paid out thousands in cash to the experts and vet A classes!

With only two races left in the 2019 NESC Fall Series you really should take advantage of every chance you get to hit an event.

This is the last NESC race of the year at Central Cycle Club and the club members have a great weekend planned for you, there's open practice on Saturday if you'd like to do a few practice motos to get dialed in for Sunday or come ride on Saturday even if you're not racing on Sunday.

Then on Sunday they'll have a full day of NESC MX racing with classes for all bike sizes from 85cc and up and all skill levels from novices to pros.

This fall the NESC continues to draw the largest rider turnouts of any MX series in New England, we've been getting the most expert riders and paying out the most in prize money, this Sunday should be no exception, Winchester Speedpark is the favorite track for lots of racers!

One day riders always welcome.

Gates Open Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 6am
Gate Fee: $10 Adults/Racers, 6 and under (non-racers) free
Race Entry Fees: $35 first two classes and $15 each additional class

Sign Ups: Sunday 7am-8:45am
Practice Starts Sunday at 10am

Transponder Rental Fee: $10 per day with $200 cash or CC for collateral
Mechanics Pass: $5 (1 per rider must be 18)
$10 One Day Fee All are welcome!
50/65's will not be run at CCC

50cc and 65cc classes WILL NOT be run at Central Village
The 50cc and 65cc classes will not be run this Sunday at Central Village, Connecticut state law requires racers to be 13.

One day riders welcome
Want to try an NESC race? We always welcome one day riders and we have rental transponders available if you don't own one of your own.

Please bring your NESC and insurance card to sign-up
All the tracks will be requiring riders to show their NESC card as well as their proof of medical insurance card.

Directions to Central Village
Central Cycle Club is a short drive off Rt. 395 in eastern Connecticut, follow these directions if you've never been before

Race order for 10-20 at Central Village

10/20/19 CCC  
1 250 C
2 450 B
3 Super Mini
4 45+ Open/ 60+ Open
5 450 C / 40+ C
6 250 B
7 450 Pro/A
8 55+ Open/ Female
9 40+ A/B
10 25+ A/B/C $$$
11 Open Novice
12 Open Amateur
13 Open Expert
14 85cc 13-15 yrs
15 50+ Open/30+ C
16 30+ A/B
17 Youth C
18 Youth B
19 250 A/ Pro / Youth A

Renew your NESC membership or join on-line now!
Use this on-line form to renew your membership
Families are able to use one form for multiple riders by clicking Yes when asked if they'd like to add a second, third, fourth rider.

Don't get stuck in that long line of people signing up at the first race, join today!

If you'd prefer to mail in your renewal print out this form and mail it to:
PO BOX 609
North Berwick, ME 03906

NESC Board of Directors election Nov. 13
Want to be involved with the NESC? Submit your name to be a rider rep or other officer on the NESC board and come to the meeting on November 13th (location tba).
You can drop off a printed letter at the last three races requesting that your name be added to the ballot or send an email to anytime before the meeting.

Rule update on communication devices
The NESC has decided to adopt the same standard as the AMA when it comes to electronic communication devices.
Use of electronic communication with the rider or use of a portable electronic device of any kind (i.e. digital music device) that would be considered a distraction while on the motorcycle during the meet is prohibited.

Results posting time
We always aim to get the results posted before we leave the track at the end of the day, but that's always dependent on the Internet access, some tracks have great signals while others barely have any. If we can't get a good enough connection to upload the database from the track the results will be posted on Monday evening after our office crew gets home from their regular job. Thanks for your patience

250 2-stroke legal for the Youth A class
We've updated the Youth A class bike rule for the Fall series, since that class runs with the Pros and Experts who can ride 250cc 2-strokes we'll now be allowing Youth A riders to ride them as well.

The bike regulations for the Youth B and Youth C classes have not changed.

New mailing address for the NESC
Please note that any mail in applications or corospondence should be mailed to:
PO BOX 609
North Berwick, ME 03906

Youth class age updates
In order to be more in line with the age requirements with other organizations we've changed the Youth Class age definitions for this season. Now whatever age you were on January 1st is your NESC age. This applies to all the Youth Classes from the 50cc up to the Youth A.

Used tires, oil and trash must be taken home
Please don't leave this stuff in the pits when you leave Crow Hill(or any track) carry in and carry out.

One day riders get your info into the system!

Help save us some time on race day by submitting your information using this super easy on-line form.
You'll still need to print, sign and have notarized this short wavier and provide payment for your membership in person, at the track.

Transponder update!

All NESC members must own a transponder, the NESC has less than 50 units available to rent to one day riders. Please make sure to order one in time for the first race and if you already own one please charge it.
Note: the orange transponders will still work, please make sure those are charged and that your subscription is still active.

More info and ordering info is at Speedhive.

2019 NESC rule book pdf

The 2019 edition of the rule book is available as a pdf download at this link

Mailing address for the NESC office

Please send all NESC forms to NESC P.O. Box 956 Moosup, CT 06354

email address for the NESC office

Annette Rose-Fry, the Competition Committee can be reached at this email

2019 NESC applications on line

Get a jump on next year and save your number by renewing your NESC membership today.
You can download the form here
2019 NESC Board of Directors
Mailing address (updated 10-11-19):

PO BOX 609
North Berwick, ME  03906

Email address: Click here to send an email to the NESC
2019 Board of directors

David Clemence President
Michael Degaetano/Jack Camelio Co Vice presidents
John Delgrosso Treasurer
Janice Majcher Secretary

  Click on any name highlighted in orange to send that person an email.
Rider Reps:

Jason Hargreaves
Jason Allan
Bryan Cournoyer
Austin Brooks
Jack Courtney
Andrew Rossi
John Silvia

Alternate Rider Reps:

John Majcher
Brittani Majcher
Ruth Pepoon

Competition Committee: Deborah Genereux
Ruthie Pepoon

Mylaps transponder update

Mylaps has finally given riders some updates and now they have a “fix” for the older version X2’s that would not connect/charge. The NESC has a few of these “fix” packs available at sign-up. Newer versions will not have the issue. Also there are instructions on how to tell if the X2’s are activated and how much time they have left.
You can read more here


Remind everyone to charge their Flex and Classic transponders for at least 12 hours before race day. Newer X2’s require only 4 hours to charge.

If they are blinking fast red then they need to buy more time directly from Mylaps; their subscriptions are expired or for the new X2 units, they need to be activated before use.

Expired Flex units: You must purchase more time on and then connect the transponder through your computer to the Flex Manager program on the Mylaps website and activate them.

For fast blinking X2 units they must be activated directly from the Mylaps website, by logging on to the rider’s Mylaps account.

Also it is very important to understand that the parental consent form listed is for parents that are sending their minors to race events where they will not be present. They must name the person acting as guardian for the day, it must be notarized and we need a new form for every event. We have no blanket minor releases at NESC.


Did you know...

Did you know that the NESC is a non-profit corporation? The NESC runs off only the funds collected from membership fees (either full year or one day) and the transponder rental fees. The NESC does not make money from the race entries and gate fees at the races.
Did you know that one dollar from every entry goes into the Tom Timonen Fund that is in place to help riders injured in NESC races?


The NESC Scholarship program.

This fund awards $2,000.00 annually to college students meeting NESC requirements.

Eligibility requirements: Must be a NESC member for at least two years in good standing and a full time student at a fully accredited college, university, or technical school. Rider must have attended at least 10 NESC races in the current year.

Application process:

Compose a cover letter to NESC requesting consideration for the NESC Scholarship program; naming the college/course of study you plan on attending.

A copy of your final grades from the most recent term.

A letter from your college registrar’s office confirming acceptance to the school.

Please send the above requirements by November 1st; we will make the decisions for awards just prior to the annual banquet.

Deadline to apply is November 1st of the current racing year.

Please send your information to

NESC Scholarship

P.O. Box 956
Moosup, CT 06354


NESC on Facebook

Like the NESC page on Facebook to see last minute updates and other important info.


Huge points fund for the Pro/Expert classes

Last year $25,000.00 was paid out at the Awards banquet to the Expert and Pro riders in the top 15 and this year with bigger turn outs it could be even more.


100% plus payback ten spots in the 250 & 450 expert/pro motos

Not 3, not 5, but all the way back to tenth place*! No New England series pays out what the NESC races pay out. *Riders must place in the top ten of a moto (combined expert and pro to win cash). Expert class riders are also eligible for trophies in their class.


Address changed?

If you have changed your address this year, please notify the NESC by email ASAP.

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